Hesed & Emet Holdings Private Limited (H&E) is a food solutions company based in Singapore with holdings in various events and institutional catering and food retail businesses. Currently managed by the third generation of the Ang family, we are a family-owned corporate entity that aims to enrich people’s lives through our passion for food.

Derived from two Hebrew words, Hesed can be translated as “love, mercy and kindness” while Emet can be understood as “truth”. The combination of these two words encompasses our vision of transforming the lives of our stakeholders through our food.

Our subsidiaries include established catering companies Elsie’s Kitchen Catering Services Private Limited and Continental Delight Catering Services Private Limited, together with food courts operated under the brand Flavours. From our 57,000 square feet central kitchen facility based at Second Chin Bee Road, we have the infrastructure to produce over 10,000 meals a day.

The Hesed Table was launched as our social arm in 2016. Through this initiative, we hope to engage a wide range of partners to reduce food wastage and provide nutritious meals to communities in need, such as migrant workers and low income households.
Enriching people’s lives with our passion for food.

We enjoy mouth-watering food that is rooted in tradition yet still cutting edge. Treating everyone like family and making them smile through our personal and attentive service.
Passion Passionate about our brands, our customers and our people.
Nurture Looking after everyone as individuals.
Empowerment Empower and equip our people to serve the best.
Integrity Committed to do the right thing for our customers, our people and ourselves.